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By continuing to use this system and agreeing to this policy you are giving consent for us to use the information as outlined and within the Cornwall College Privacy Notice.

Full policy

In addition to the Privacy Policy which outlines the use of data across all college computer systems, the information below outlines specific detail about the information is used within Moodle.


Purpose of the system: To enable access to learning resources and information to support study and personal development as provided by The Cornwall College Group.

What information is held about you in Moodle?

  • Personal data: Your name; college user ID number; computer user name; college email address, IP address of the computers that you use.  This is all used in line with The Cornwall College Group Privacy Notice.
  • Additional system data: Any work you add or submit (such as assignments, forum posts, blogs, quiz activities etc); grades and feedback for work where this has been added by your teacher; logs of activity (such as dates of access and interaction).


Who can access this information?

  • You; Course teachers on your Moodle course; Moodle administrators and managers.
  • It may also be externally shared with exam boards / awarding bodies or your employer (only where you are funded /supported by your employer) in line with the Cornwall College Group Privacy Notice.
  • External Examiners accessing the system will only have access to the course for which they are reviewing work as part of their moderation process. This access will only include course resources, work submitted and feedback, student name and logs of activity.  External Examiners will not be able to interact with students or edit any content.
  • Work submitted via Moodle may also be submitted to URKUND, an originality and plagiarism service.  If this is turned on for your assignment you will have access to this report. Please speak to your course teacher if you are unsure.  Click here to view URKUND's Personal Data Processing Policy.


Communication from the system: 

  • By default, some elements of Moodle will send messages to you via email from the system. These will go to the email address that you state (and will be your college email address unless you personally change it). This communication could include: Messages from staff; forum posts from other staff and students on your course; assignment receipts / feedback.
  • You can customise your messaging preferences from your profile page in Moodle.


Other information: 

  • Teachers on a Moodle course, and site managers, can give access to teachers on the qualification so must only give access as required.
  • Teachers on courses are responsible for the content on the Moodle course and ensuring that information is up to date and removed when no longer when required.  Assignments that have submissions should be hidden rather than deleted. 


You have the right to:

  • Request details of the data held about you in this system.  You can do this via your profile page (accessed by clicking on your name in the top right corner)
  • Request for any incorrect information to be corrected
  • Request data about you to be removed or made anonymous (if it falls outside of required use).

If you have any questions about your rights or access to information, please email